Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing restores a person’s energy, which enables them to live creatively and experience a sense of magic in life. The shaman assists the client on their journey to personal empowerment without assuming authority over them. A supportive environment is provided when the client is dealing with difficulties.

Shamans understand that we are connected to something greater than ourselves and that disconnection from this Source causes illness. Re-connection with our spiritual origins is the only way to truly heal.

My Way of Working
I work intuitively with Nature to find the healing that the client needs at the time. The change is effected on the energy body with the aim of bringing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person's being in balance. I offer energy re-balancing, power retrieval, soul retrieval, plant work and card readings. Below is a description of what each treatment entails. The type of healing will depend on the client’s current situation.

Energy Re-Balancing
This entails restoring the flow in a client’s chakras and energy body.

Soul Retrieval
Shamanic journeying is done with drumming to find and restore the client’s lost energy for integration with the present self. In Western psychological terms this can be described as healing through accessing the unconscious.

Power Retrieval
Shamanic journeying is done to find helpful elements in nature. This includes totem animals and other natural elements.

Plant Work
I work with the African Tree Essences, a range of vibrational remedies (see I also do shamanic journeying to find guidance from other plants that the client may need at the time.

Distance Healing
Healing can be done by distance. We will set up a time for a phone call or Skype session and I will provide a report after journeying.

I use the Tarot as well as Steven Farmer’s Earth Magic oracle cards. I work with spiritual guidance to assist the client on their soul path. Readings are interactive and aimed at empowerment rather than divination specifically.

Important Information
Clients are expected to take full responsibility for their own healing and interpretation of a session.

Price List
£25 for 30 minutes or
£40 per hour or
£60 for a full shamanic healing (one and a half to two hours). This includes energy re-balancing, power retrieval, soul retrieval and plant work.

Phone: 07922618228
Work Address: Shining Light Centre, 1 Kirkwood Place, Lower London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5TG